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The Wiccan Community Network is an Organization Dedicated to providing Wiccans, Pagans, and Non-Wiccans/Pagans a place to Communicate with each other through Blogs, Forums, and Chats and a fun but educational Learning Environment. We also Provide Outreach services to members who are incarcerated in our nations many correctional Facilities. We are members of Witch School International and The Fellowship of Isis. All of our Financial Proceeds come from Fundraisers, Membership Fee's, Donations and Sale of Gifts from our Webstore. 

The Wiccan Community Network was Founded by Dennis Vandusen (aka Platinumraven) who has been A Solitary Wiccan for 14 years learning most of his knowledge on his own and he Has just recently Decided to be Formally Be initiated into The Correllian Nativist Wiccan Tradition and is Enrolled in The Correllian Wiccan Clergy Degree program and As a member of the Outer Court he is considered a full member of the Tradition

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